With the New Jonses

We made acquaintance with a network of like minded business owners last year.  We wouldn’t be here without the annual effort by the wonderful Tamara DiMatina @trumpetpr who is the brains and the manager of The New Jonses.  A Tru believer in treading lightly. The family business of modular home builders from Wonthaggi @ecoliv are the backbone to this project with their substantive Modular home pictured below with our Green Roof in the modular MEP system for @Elmich supplied by @KHD.

Out front parked in the driveway, that is the City Square, is the innovative folk @BMWi3 who have helped us participate across the whole yard. It is an amazing project with amazing people showing us all how to lessen our impact without missing out on quality. 

Drop in and see us over the next few weeks at the City Square and tell your friends about us at Coolthinc.com.au

One thought on “With the New Jonses

  1. Warwick Savvas says:

    Great to see a bio solar roof in such a prominent place!

    As we know, the energy output of PV panels can be significantly increased when co located with a roof garden.

    I wonder how the thermal performance of the building below is improved?

    We have modeled this improvement and it also saves energy.

    Nice work Phil et al.

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