Plastered and then some…

The art of wall lining is not lost on me. Well at least not now that I have seen all the angles and laser straight lines executed by the team from LA Plastering. We have had two weeks of the teams work starting with Cocky Callum and his trusty apprentice Ben who got the whole job off and running. The use of laser levels to set the steel batten system up was the key to a slick final product. After Cal came the big guns of Luke Young, the leading hand (and mouth) and boss of the LA crew. He bought along with him Jimmy and Leo as well as our main man Cranbourne Kyle. Slowly the crew drifted off site leaving Kyle to do the majority of stopping up. This lad is an artisan. He has managed to fit in all the extra requests, spot all the blemishes and fix them and generally provide as with a spectacular finish. It has been a pleasure having Luke and the boys on site for a laugh mixed with a heavy load of work.

Rolling right in over the top of the LA crew came Peter Lusby, the big Kiwi guy with an eye for detail. Pete wasn’t going to let Kyle go before he had indicated where he thought a few ‘dungs’ could be fixed. By day two Pete has the whole house masked and undercoated. I can’t wait to see the final result, mainly because the undercoat is a little glairy. We have selected a low VOC,Volatile organic compound, paint which has made it easy to continue to work in the house while the paint goes on. It will also be fume free and safe to move into in the near future.

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Now that the weather has fined up, I have kicked the Animal Carpentry crew outside. They have been given special privileges to continue cabinet making in the internal courtyard. A luxury only bestowed on a select few. Mick had a day on his own today and as usual was able to get his head down and do some fine detailed work checking the door furniture. This is being done into the solid core doors for all our cavity sliders. Setting them flush and the rebates routed to the exact fit of the stainless inserts is an art that requires a refined skill set. Mick has also designed and tested a fabulous tradies hands free system for the iPhone which he should patent before sharing it with the world…..oops I just did.